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Dedicated Home Theater Room

By matto @ May 14 2007 07:15 pm



OK, that’s not my home theater room, but I wish it was. Since I don’t have a home theater, I’m using one from Sound & Vision magazine. Whoever this is has a dedicated home theater room with a Sony KDS-R50XBR1 50-inch SXRD rear-projection HDTV. Lucky.

4 Responses to “Dedicated Home Theater Room”

  1. Matto, thanks for joining. I’m not sure how to rank your home theater network. Do I give you a zero for not having one, or do I rank the actual home theater and give you a 9? That setup is too sweet, I’ll give you a nine.

  2. matto

    Yeah, I would think you rank whats in the picture. I’m going to vote myself a 10. It is a “dream HTN” right?

  3. matto

    Is it wrong to vote for myself?

  4. Not at all, but voting is limited to once a day per user’s HTN