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Three days with a Droid. The Result is it’s Fantastic

By mrHTN – HTN Guru from Orlando, FL
Nov 09 2009 01:09 am


After three days with a Droid (actually two of them), I’m glad to say my expectations have been reached. The Droid is the best gadget/phone I have ever owned by far.¬†I should note that I’m coming from a Window’s 6.0 Mobile phone which now feels¬†light-years¬†behind Android.

This is my first Android phone so it did take me about an hour to get comfortable with how everything works. For the most part, everything is user intuitive, especially the stuff you would use daily such as calling someone, SMS, or browsing the web. It could be difficult finding a particular setting to change, but I was able to find them all eventually. Droid is the first phone with Android 2.0 and I particularly like how it handles notifications, widgets, apps, and multitasking.

All¬†notifications¬†including¬†SMS messages, new e-mails, app updates, missed phone calls, and anything else¬†requiring¬†your non-immediate attention are grouped¬†together¬†in a¬†status¬†bar at the top of the screen. The status bar can be pulled down at anytime listing all the notifications. The pull-down notifications is really convient as I wasn’t¬†bombarded by messages constantly when I was browsing the web or using another app.

Widgets are also really useful as now I can get quick updates just by looking at my home screen. Facebook status is now right on my home screen along with¬†calendar appointments. Speaking of Facebook, the integration with my contacts was a neat feature I wasn’t expecting. The pictures next to the contacts are now updated with the latest¬†Facebook¬†picture, and that picture shows up when he/she calls.

The screen of the Droid is gorgeous. It’s listed as 3.7″ at 854 x 480 pixels. My eyes used to hurt if I stared at my old Samsung i760 screen long enough, but not with the Droid.¬†The network is also great as I’m averaging around 1.3 Mbps when I do a speed test. Battery life is good and should last a full day with more than average usage. The slide-out keyboard is Ok. I found myself using the touch screen keyboard in¬†landscape¬†mode more than the slide-out version.¬†Apparently multitasking is a big deal since the iPhone can’t do it, but I can’t imaging not being able to listen to music and type an email at the same time.

The killer app on the Droid is Goggle Nav. There is a reason why Garmin and TomTom’s stock dropped 20% the day Google Nav was¬†announced. I’ve used it over the past couple days and it has huge potential, but there is a reason it’s still in beta. The 3-D street view used as directions is hard to beat, but I found it wasn’t accurate enough to trust. The most useful part was the real-time traffic data.

The biggest problem I had with the Droid was that the first one I received was defective. The phone crashed liked crazy with reboots around 20 to 30 times a day. After coming from Window’s Mobile, I didn’t think it could get any worse, but it did. I thought it was an¬†incompatible¬†app for a awhile, but found out through the Motorola support forums that it was something internal to the phone. Verizon replaced it without a¬†hassle¬†and said I was the only one to come back with any problems. The store I was at sold over 150 Droid phones so that strangely made me feel more¬†comfortable¬†as it looks like the phone has some good quality control.

After three days with the Droid, I can’t really think of any major negatives… and that was with a broken phone for a day and a half. I wouldn’t mind more apps, but I think that’s coming now with the Avalanche of new Android phones. The camera and slide out keyboard could be better, but they are¬†manageable.¬†If your thinking about getting a Droid …than go get one. I highly¬†recommend¬†it and I would even¬†recommend¬†it to non-techie types.

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