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How to connect non-HDMI receiver to new system

By jwhite518 @ Nov 28 2011 08:06 pm


I just bought my first HDTV (I know!) and am in the market for a Blu Ray player. The problem is that my receiver, which does support 5.1, doesn’t have an HDMI connector. It does have Optical. So how do I connect my system? Before buying the BluRay do I need to make sure it has any specific connectors?



One Response to “How to connect non-HDMI receiver to new system”

  1. Exciting!For the blu-ray player, you can connect HDMI to the new HDTV for video. For audio, make sure you get a blu-ray player with optical out to connect to the receiver. Might have to adjust some setting, but shouldn’t be too bad. Enjoy!