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Introducing my self

By mik100 @ Jun 28 2011 07:37 am

hi guys,i live in Corfu,Greece. I’m tryinging to make a deccent home thearte in my liviving room the last 2 years,and so far i’m enoying it a lot(very proud) i’ve got a receiver Yamaha RX-V3900 front speakers Klipsch RF-52 sub-woofer RW-10d ,and just built a HTPC -INTERTECH -2008-T .to replace a laptop that i got¬† with a hdmi cable running to my 40 inch Samsung¬† from my coffee table to my front wall.¬† I was wondering if there was any kind of small wireless touch screen so i could mirror my tv so i dont have to keep on changing channels on my tv,and that touch screen would also be a remote controll.¬† I’ve seen 1 on the internet called Air panel v110 but it’s not available for Greece. Thanks for listening to me, hope to get some info soon.

9 Responses to “Introducing my self”

  1. matto

    I don’t think we’ve had anyone from Greece here yet. Welcome to yourHTN. Can you use a tablet? They are wireless and they have apps for remote controls and for controlling a PC.

    • mik100

      hi matto,how you doing?i’m pretty new to all this stuff,i’ve never had a tablet and i i’ve never been concerned what exactley they do.the only thing i’ve seen is that they vary in price from 160euroes-600 i wonder if a cheap one would do the job? where you from by the way?

  2. matto

    From Florida, it’s nice and hot here. The cheaper tablets here usually have some problems like bad screens. Not sure what tablets are available in Greece, but the Nook can be modified where you can download Android apps.

  3. I recommend the tablet method too. I have an Asus Transformer and I use PhoneMyPc to control my HTPC. Of course, I use AutoHTN for home automation.

  4. mik100

    thanks for all your help guys,i was talking on the phone with a big brand copmpany about the tablets for what i’m intestd in,but they advised me not to bother,they say the signal can get inturupted even by a can of coke,(because of lack of expierience i dont no how true this is.

  5. matto

    A can ok Coke, huh? The guy is BSing you. Tablets talk through wifi. I never had a can of coke stop my wireless internet connection. Funny.

  6. Do you have Wifi in your house? If so, then you know if there is any interference or not. A can of Coke will NOT interrupt a Wifi signal.

  7. mik100

    Yes i do have wifi signal in my house,no don’t get me wrong it sound’s weird to me as well,but i’m in a position that i have’nt seen what i want live in front of me,and i’m not sure if i’m making my self very clear what exactly i want.Whenever i talk about it to someone they look at me like i’m mad,ha ha.

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