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My New Definitive Technology and Axiom Speakers

By mrHTN – HTN Guru from Orlando, FL
Dec 13 2008 12:05 pm

mrHTNs Home Theater

Now that I have a receiver, my next purchase was to get some decent speakers. I’ve been using hand-me down speakers for the past few years and they were in a plain 2.1 setup. My family room (aka. my home theater room) is setup perfectly for a 7.1 surround sound system. My couch is about eight feet from the back wall which is around the distance Dolby recommends for the back speakers. I also had walls on the side which let me install the other two surround sound speakers.

I had my eye on Definitive Technology’s bipolar speakers for years now so when I saw a set of BP7006 speakers on sale as an open box item, I went for it. I’m not a fan of hearing sound come from a specific speaker so that’s why bipolar speakers have always interested me. The Def Techs also have built-in subwoofers so that was one less speaker I had to purchase and find a place for. I convinced the store manager to sell me the ProCenter 1000 center speaker as an open box item to so I was able to complete my front speaker set.

It is ideal to have all seven speakers come from one company. However, the Wife-Acceptance-Factor came into play here and aesthetics was real important. I had to make sure the surround speaker weren’t noticeable which means the colors had to blend in with the wall. Unfortunately, Def Tech’s surround speakers are big and brown so they were not an option.

Instead, I went with the Axiom QS4 v2 for my side speakers. Axiom allows custom colors to match your paint. Continuing my anti-directional theme, the QS4 speakers are dipole, which means they output sound to the side of the speakers. This is supposed to simulate a real movie theater in how multiple side speakers are along the theater walls.

I was running out of money so I went with Polk OWM3 for the rear speakers. Nothing fancy here, the OWM3 speakers are simple directional speakers which is what is recommended by Dolby.

After having all these speakers for over a month, I have to say I couldn’t be happier. Going from a cheap 2.1 setup to a midrange 7.1 setup made a huge difference when watching movies and TV. I feel like sound is everywhere when I’m watching movies. The speakers have proven to me that everyone should look at sound quality as much as they look at video quality.

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