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My New Receiver

By mrHTN – HTN Guru from Orlando, FL
Oct 16 2008 04:12 pm

Looking for a new receiver? So was I until I finally purchased one last month. I’ve been saving for a long time so I can afford a mid-high level receiver. There are a large amount of features to look for in a receiver as they are an important piece of a home theater network. Here is list of the features that were important to me:

  • 7.1 surround sound output with a minimum of 100W/channel. I’m going to have a 7.1 speaker setup so this is a must.
  • Minimum of 3 HDMI inputs. One for a cable box, PS3, and a HTPC. I would like an extra one for my HD DVD player too but I could live without it.
  • HDMI 1.3a capable so the receiver can accept 7.1 signals.
  • Dolby TruHD and DTS HD MA decoding support. No point in having a 7.1 surround sound speaker system if I can’t decode a true 7.1 source.
  • Network controllable. I need this so I can run my AutoHTN program.
  • An independent second zone with audio and video output. This is so I can finish watching a DVD or a DVRed show in my bedroom or office.
  • A third zone output used for my porch speakers.
  • 1080p HDMI upconversion output so I only need a single HDMI input on my TV.
  • Multi-channel pre-out used for an amplifier (one day).
  • Dynamic volume control. I can’t stand how loud commercials get and this feature keeps everything at the same volume.
  • A built-in Audyssey speaker calibration program.

The network controllable feature limited my choices to Denon. I asked around, but no other manufacturer had the options to send commands through a home network. I decided on the Denon 3808 and have been more than happy with it. The ’09 models were coming out so I was able to find the 3808 for a discounted price, and it was able to do everything I listed above.

I’ll post back with a detailed review of the 3808 soon. In the mean time, here are some pics of the all the cables going to the receiver.



One Response to “My New Receiver”

  1. There were so many cables that I decided to put labels on them to keep track. The labels have already been helpful when I decided to move some inputs around.