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PDA Phone Example 12 – Control Your Home Theater Network

By mrHTN – HTN Guru from Orlando, FL
Jun 20 2007 09:45 pm

It seems that almost every new home theater network device out there is including an Ethernet port. New HDTVs, receivers, home automation devices, DVRs, HD DVD/Blu-ray players, HTPC, game consoles and even appliances all can communicate with the internet and within your home theater network. The PDA phone is the perfect device to control all these devices since it’s always in your pocket, and has the ability to always be connected to the internet whether at home, work, or outside.

What if you are sitting at your porch and you wanted to turn the speakers on and listen to some MP3’s on your HTPC. Without getting up, you could use your PDA phone to tell your receiver to output audio to the porch’s speakers, and to switch its audio input to the HTPC. You could then remote admin into your HTPC and pick which songs you want to play, which will now be playing on your porch’s speakers; all without getting up. Another example I could think of is home automation. You could use the web browser in your PDA phone to turn on/off lights, lower the AC temperature, or view security cameras.

I realize this is more of a future-type example. HDTVs and receivers only recently started to have internet connections, and most people don’t have PDA phones, HTPCs or home automation devices right now. However, the potential is there for the PDA phone to become a remote control for your whole home theater network.

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