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PDA Phone Example 13 – VOIP phone

By mrHTN – HTN Guru from Orlando, FL
Jun 20 2007 09:51 pm

Skype has a version of their VOIP software available for PDA phones. You might be asking why anybody would want to use VOIP on a cell phone. There are a few good reasons, and there were a few times I found Skype on my PDA phone useful. The first example I can think of is the time I ran out of minutes. Instead of paying the ridiculous 40 cents per minute Verizon charges, I used my Wi-Fi network and talked to my friends through Skype’s mobile software.

The second time I found Skype on my PDA phone useful is when I traveled overseas and couldn’t use Verizon’s cellular service. Verizon uses CDMA technology while the rest of the world uses the incompatible GSM technology. The only way I could use my Verizon PDA phone was to find a Wi-Fi hot spot and use Skype Mobile. Of course, this example works anytime you don’t have cellular service, but have Wi-Fi access.

The quality of Skype’s service has improved over Skype’s initial software release. I kept on getting connection and latency issues with the first version. The current version is more stable, but still has its hiccups. I wouldn’t recommend using Skype as a replacement for regular cell phone use. It’s more of a good backup for now.

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