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PDA Phone Example 2 – Cellular Phone

By mrHTN – HTN Guru from Orlando, FL
Jun 14 2007 09:06 pm

The no-brainer function. Most people would want their PDA phone for the cell phone abilities. However, I have heard of a few people who bought the xv6700 just for the high-speed EV-DO service, and didn’t get an actual cell phone plan.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t purchase the xv6700 PDA phone for its “phone” qualities. Its earpiece isn’t that loud, and it’s hard to quickly punch in numbers. You have to either use the slide-out keyboard, or use the stylus on the touch screen keypad.

However, there are many ways around these issues. The xv6700 has Bluetooth so I mostly talk using my Bluetooth headset, which solves the low earpiece volume issue. The xv6700 also comes with voice dialing, which is what I use to quickly call someone. Phone attributes of the xv6700 aren’t as good as my previous Motorola cell phone, but it’s more than adequate. All the other features far outweigh the low earpiece volume and number keypad negatives.

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