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PDA Phone Example 4 – Surf the Web

By mrHTN – HTN Guru from Orlando, FL
Jun 14 2007 09:28 pm

There are tons of websites out there designed specifically for mobile phones. There’s even a .mobi web extension that was created last year. Most popular sites will detect if you are browsing from a mobile phone, and automatically style the site appropriately (sorry, we’re not one of them …yet). Here is a list of some popular sites that have mobile specific pages:


Surprisingly, some major sites like and don’t have mobile versions. crashes on my PDA phone due to the video script they automatically play on the side. The mobile browser will have to determine how to style a site not designed for phones. The two popular mobile browsers out there are Opera and Internet Explorer with my personal preference being Opera. I found that Opera does a better job displaying pictures in non-mobile websites, and Opera has the added benefit of tabbed browsing. The iPhone will launch with Safari. From the demos, Safari might be better than both IE and Opera.

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