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PDA Phone Example 6 – Video Camera

By mrHTN – HTN Guru from Orlando, FL
Jun 17 2007 10:35 pm

My xv6700 doesn’t have video camera abilities, but some of the newer PDA phones are starting to carry this feature. The same low lightning and no optics problems that impairs camera phones will also impair PDA phones with built-in video cameras. However, the convenience factor is high as all the “I wish I had a vide camera” moments will disappear.

The things to look for in a PDA phone with a built in video camera is the maximum resolution and frame rate it can record. For a comparison, standard video cameras record at 640×480 pixels at 30 frames per second. Another aspect to look for is where all the video will be stored. Most PDA phones have slots for micro or mini SD flash cards, which can store a few GB of video.

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