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PDA Phone Example 7 – MP3 Music Player

By mrHTN – HTN Guru from Orlando, FL
Jun 17 2007 10:42 pm

My xv6700 may not be at the same quality level as an iPod, but it’s close enough. Storage size is limited to the space available on the mini SD card, which currently maxes out at 4 GB. Over 1000 songs can be stored on 4 GB so I have no problems there. The user interface is where I miss the iPod. It’s harder to find songs with Window’s Pocket Media Player, and I’m yet to find any free software that works better. Button wise, the xv6700 works great with the mini joystick controlling the volume (up/down), the songs (left/right), and pause/play ability. 

I use the PC version of Window’s Media Player to sync all my songs with the xv6700, and I use Doppler to get all my podcast feeds. There’s a great tutorial on how to get your podcast subscriptions synced with Doppler and Windows Media Player here

In the end, not having to carry around two gadgets in my pocket, and not having to sync two devices is what keeps the iPod in the desk drawer.

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